The Cartier ID-One Concept Watch

in Basel 2010 | Sunday, January 24. 2010

A concept watch in the true definition of the word. Unlike many other of well known luxury brands concept watches that are released to the public, the Cartier ID One Concept Watch is not meant for production but is simply helping Cartier explore "the solutions of tomorrows high watchmaking." The watch is unique in that it has a 16 1/2 home made mechanical movement which requires no adjustment whatsoever. The watch features a Ballon Bleu shaped case that is 46 milimeters wide, which is constructed out of a sturdy material called Niobium Titanium - a special titanium alloy that is even harder and more durable than titanium.

The Cartier ID-One Concept Watch was created to house an in-house made automatic tourbillon movement that requires no regulation and adjustment during the whole life of the watch. Currently every mechanical watch has several points that need to be adjusted during the assembly process,such as the hairspring, the balance, and the pallet fork. Their new Zerodur (a compound of ceramic and glass) hairspring can retain its original status in a wide range of temperatures and is not affected by magnetic fields at all. Carbor Crystal has been applied to the balance wheel, escape wheel and lever increasing their hardness and making itpossible for the escapement to be completely free from oil. The movement also as an exclusive escapement cage that is effectively shock resistant.

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