Why Wrist Watches Won’t Go Away

in News | Friday, July 10. 2015

Always in Style

Our technological prowess has skyrocketed ever since the beginning of the 21st century. The gradual shift from analogue to digital has touched many facets of our society, which in turn allowed improvements and new capabilities. Phone companies capitalized on these capabilities and as cellular technology increased, phones with a display screen were able to tell time, thus lowering one’s requirement for a watch. As years passed, technology advanced until companies developed their own phones, tablets, and mp3 players to tell time. So, although one might think that the classic analogue wristwatch is a thing of the past, it is actually here to stay.

Impressions and Prestige

Everyone loves to make a great impression and one great way to impress someone is to show them that sleek wristwatch on your wrist. All of the luxury brands are known for their superior craftsmanship, good design and cultured past, which presents a status symbol for the regular Joe. Therefore, when we see someone with the brand, we tend to see them as affluent and seek to be affluent as well. Additionally, a lot of people tend to buy a certain brand of a product because of celebrities and actors in movies that use the product. This applies to watches, as well among other products.


In 2015, we have gained a mentality that our technology has become replaceable and so its value has subconsciously decreased. With classical wristwatches, we get a unique experience because they are strictly analogue, which increases our sentimental value of them in an ever-increasing digital world. Moreover, we know these watches are not made in a factory in China but are painstakingly hand-crafted by master watchmakers to make the intricate designs. This is why collector’s watches cost thousands of dollars, and in them, considered pieces of art.


Analogue watches have high durability and so they can span generations while functioning similar to when they were first crafted. This adds history to a watch, as it is passed down from one generation of family to another. But it doesn’t need to family related; being given one from someone famous or heroic instantly adds value to the watch. In fact, passing on a watch has become so popular because we pass the history of the wearer down on the next bearer who understands and appreciates that history.
Wristwatches will probably only go out of style when civilization ends. We place a lot of sentimental value in them as each trail we encounter engrains that memory in the watch for us. It has become a habit for us to carry a watch before we carry a phone and that will never go away. You can purchase a luxurious wristwatch by visiting Finest Watches.

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