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in Learn | Tuesday, February 23. 2016

A Young Man’s Guide to Dressing for Success

Starting out in your 20’s is not an easy time in life but it does not have to be harder than it is. The transition period from college to the working world can be hard to navigate but when you have confidence in yourself, it is much easier.

One way to gain and portray this confidence is through your personal style. Your clothing and style can be seen as an investment especially when buying foundation pieces. Here is a guide to ensure that you head out into the business world with your best face forward.

Staple Piece for Every Young Man

Pants- There are several pants that every man should own, they include:

• Khakis

• Jeans (dark wash, preferably)

• Slacks and/or Suit Pants

Each should fit properly and try choosing a slim or straight version. It is a classic cut that will not go immediately out of style. Which is a good rule of thumb when shopping since embellished designer pants can look too dated or busy.

Tops- From the plain white t-shirt to a nice sweater, there are several shirts that will aid in pulling together an outfit.

•Plain Undershirts


•Casual Button-Ups

•Long Sleeve Dress Shirts (Plain in several colors, or classic prints)

•Dressy Sweaters

Undershirts are important to have under your button-ups, be them casual or dressy. It aids in your appearance. Long sleeve dress shirts are more professional than short sleeve ones. Aim for plain white ones or colors that suit your skin coloring. Classic prints, such as plaid or stripes, as long as they are not too distracting.

Jackets- Everyone has to keep warm but rather than wear your old college sweater, opt for a jacket that shows off your style.

• Suit Jacket

• Pea Coat

A suit jacket may not keep you warm but are great for meetings or interviews. A pea coat will keep the chill at bay and work with any outfit.

Accessories- Do not forget all the rest of the items that will pull an outfit together.

•Shoes (Sneakers and dress shoes)




The right shoes will make all the difference, plain black dress shoes are great for starting out. Do not be caught in plain white socks with your suit. A signature timepiece will make you look pulled together along with glasses if you need them, or sunglasses if you do not. Order your watches at Finest Watches.

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