Watch Straps: How to Customize Your Watch

| Saturday, April 30. 2016

Is There a Right Way to Style Your Watch?

There are many fashion rules that should not be broken. For decades, women have matched their purses to their shoes and men have matched their belt with their shoes. Even watches have unspoken rules. Watch enthusiasts often wonder if they can have straps that do not match the face or dial. To supply watch wearers with answer, we must consider the various factors of a watch.

How to Style Your Watch

Luxury watches are more than adept at choosing the best strap for the watch. That does not mean you won’t want to switch it up every once in awhile to keep with the trend or to better suit your taste. Before you make the change, there are some things to consider such as the type of strap and dial. First, look at the dial and face of your watch. They both can come in a variety of colors or materials. For instance, a silver face with a silver dial is a classic choice. Sometimes the dial will have a black decoration which means you can choose a similar looking strap. There are various colors, finishes, and materials to choose from when shopping for a new strap. As stated before, you will want to look for a strap that matches the dial. Using the previous example, a watch that has a silver face with black dials will work with a shiny black strap or a silver strap. Often times, people want to add a bit if their own personal flair without breaking too far from the fashion rules. Those individuals can choose a snakeskin strap. Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with exhibiting your own personal taste with your watch. Be as conservative or whimsical as you want.

Designer Watches

No matter what your style is, there is something about the classic designs put forth by high-end watch makers. Audemars is a wonderful example of classic designs that never look dated. Here at Finest Watches, we provide our clientele with time pieces that are stunning- and will never be the cause for a fashion faux pas. We encourage you to peruse our site to view our exquisite collection.

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