Why Classic Watches are Here to Stay

| Wednesday, May 25. 2016

The Power of Tradition

With the Apple Watch and all of its competitors trying to dominate the tech and fashion industries, there has been a lot of talk about what this means for the classic designs. We are here to confidently say that classic designer watches will not be going anywhere. Here is why. Watches have been around for hundreds of years. They have seen and survived wars and technological revolutions. Given their history, all signs indicate that they will survive this technological advancement as well.

When you break down the overall design and functionality of these new watches, you will find they are inferior to the classic watch. The Apple Watch has tried to emulate the look of an actual watch. The face is square and has a crown that allows users to control what appears on the screen. It is impressive but the design itself is nothing to write home about. Many users have complained that their watches are thick and clunky. It is surprising coming from an Apple product, which is known for their sleek designs. The only saving grace is the fact that the material and bands are customizable. For those that truly love watches, the craftsmanship of the watch is what truly counts. Buyers spend their money because these pieces are so well-made that they will last for years.

There is also a lot of sentiment that goes into watches nowadays. Not only is it a stunning piece that can be passed down or spark a memory. Many classic watch wearers can recall their father's or grandfather’s wearing a watch when they grew up. It was a part of their being. That is why current watch wearers don them now.

Luxury Watches Online

Ultimately, a designer watch is a luxury item compared to Apple watches which is luxury technology. Over time, you will have to replace your Apple watch to keep up with the technology. Whereas a designer watch is a timepiece that never truly goes out of style.

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