Guide to Gifting a Man’s Watch

in Learn | Thursday, January 21. 2016

Men’s Watches

In the modern age, many individuals use their phone or computer to check the time. You may think that because of this, gifting someone with a watch is impractical but you would be wrong as watches are still an important fashion statement. Especially when it comes to men as they are not known to be a wearer of any other type of jewelry or accessories. They make perfect gifts for any occasion, here is a guide to choosing the perfect watch for any man.

Guide to Choosing Watches

Types of Watches- Analog and digital are the two types of watches available. Each have their pros and cons. 1. Analog- These type of watches have a face with minutes or hands and are the oldest and most classic design. Designer watches tend to come in an analog style but more casual watches also come in analog. Due to their versatility, they can be worn anywhere. 2. Digital- The display on a digital watch displays the time in numeric form. Their display make them easier to read and more accurate than an analog. Digital watches are considered more casual watches and less of a fashion accessory than an analog. • Watch Movement- Watch movements come in 3 types; quartz, mechanical, and automatic. 1. Quartz- This is the least expensive option and most reliable by using quartz crystals powered by a battery. The battery causes the crystal to vibrate which in turn moves the motor. The steady rate allows the watch to run accurately. 2. Mechanical- A spring is wound to turn the hands at a steady rate. Keep in mind that they must be wound every few years to keep running. 3. Automatic- Kinetic energy is picked up throughout the day as the wearer moves. That energy is used to wind the spring and then unwinds to turn the hands. • Watch Size- The most important aspect to consider is the size of the watch which includes the band and face size. If you go too small, you run the risk of the watch looking like a woman’s watch. Men with thicker arms need a watch with a larger face to balance things out.

Designer Watches

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