JEAN DUNAND Pièces Uniques ShabakaBuzz for this watch began in early 2007, now the Jean Dunand Shabaka is ready for release. To me, it looks both retro and futuristic - with its unusually dial layout and its perpetual calendar displayed on rollers, this is truly a unique watch. But the impressive nature of the Shabaka does not end with its unconventional design, the many complications of the Shabaka are considered a great feat of micro-engineering complexity.

JEAN DUNAND Pièces Uniques ShabakaJEAN DUNAND Pièces Uniques was founded in part by the leading inventor of complicated movements for the most prestigious brands, watchmaker Christophe Claret. He now designs and produces movements for more than 15 luxury brands. Among Claret’s most well known complications are his tourbillon, chiming and carillon watches with double-length cathedral gongs, and his water-resistant minute-repeaters. Now with JEAN DUNAND he is able to demonstrate the full extent of his talents. The Shabaka watch is the third project for JEAN DUNAND the first being the Tourbillon Orbital and the second a Grand Complication wristwatch with 12 fully integrated complications.

JEAN DUNAND ShabakaThe Shabaka is produced as a limited edition watch, which is rumored to be about 30 pieces in each metal. The case is made in 18 carat white or red gold with the dimensions, 44 mm x 17.65 mm. The watch features calibre CLA88QPRM movement with a minute-repeater on cathedral gongs as well as an instantaneous perpetual calendar. The movement has 721 parts which includes 54 jewels, and has a power reserve of approximately 45 hours. The dial indications include minute and hour hands, day date and months on cylinders, leap-year cycle and moon-phase. The unusual date display is at 12 o'clock with the two digits are on separate cylinders, the day and month display are on cylinders at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock. The Shabaka is water resistant to 30 meters.

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