The RM 019 Knot Tourbillon Watch

in New Releases | Sunday, April 12. 2009

After finally giving in to the numerous requests to create a tourbillon watch for women, Richard Mille has unveiled the Knot Tourbillon Watch. This stunning timepiece is quickly becoming the envy of the male fans of the Richrd Mille brand, who are now requesting a knot version of their own. The watch gets its name from the striking diamond studded Knot which intwines itself through the various parts of the movement. The baseplate of the RM 019 is produced in Black Onyx which is believed to be able to deflect and channel harmful energy towards the Earth which provides stability. The tourbillon endstone bridge on the onyx baseplate side is also engraved with a Celtic triquetra knot.

The RM 019 movement features a newly developed power reserve indicator with a differential gearing system which is directly connected to the winding barrel. The red line etched on its surface and the direct turning of the power reserve barrel allows the wearer to easily note if the watch needs to be wound. The Knot Tourbillon is available with a tonneau-shaped case produced in 18 carat rose and White gold. Each is finished with a specially sculpted Alcryn collared crown.

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