Beginning Spring 2009 Patek Philippe is defining a new standard of quality for mechanical watches with the launch of the brand new Patek Philippe Seal. From now on all of the Patek’s mechanical movements will be embossed with the beautiful new Patek Philippe Seal, just another reminder of the quality the brand delivers. While the well known and highly respected Geneva Seal applies to a timepieces movement, the Patek Philippe brand strives to reach a much higher level of excellence. This inspired the development of a seal that applies to not just the movement but a mark of excellence that applies to the entire timepiece. All cases, dials, hands, pushers, spring bars for straps, and functional aspects of a timepiece bearing the Seal must meet the watch industry’s most exclusive and stringent hallmark of quality.

Patek plans to phase out its use of the Geneva Seal which is the hallmark currently used on all the mechanical movements crafted by Patek Philippe, and will be gradually replacing it with its own seal. An interesting difference to the Geneva Seal is the process in which the final rate tests are executed, which are performed with fully assembled watches while conventional tests are preformed on uncased movements. The Patek Philippe Seal guarantees the quality of all materials used in the construction of the watch. As one of the last manufacturers to still keep all manufacturing aspects in house it is one of the rare brands that can oversee and ensure the quality of its product, the Patek Philippe Seal is a great way to remind its customers of this.

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