TAG Heuer has been developing this timepiece for years, it was first introduced at Baselworld in 2004 as just a concept. After 3 more years of development in 2007 the brand presented its pre-series prototypes. Well the journey is about to be complete and this one time concept timepiece is now becoming reality with an expectation to be available for sale by the last quarter of this year. While it is not uncommon for luxury watches to be inspired by luxury cars, the Monaco V4 watch found its inspiration from the car engines. Which should make for an easy transition as car engines and mechanical watches have similar concerns in regard to performance.

The TAG Heuer Monaco V4 is unique in many respects, instead of a rotating oscillating weight for automatic winding they have substituted a 4.25-gram platinum ingot which is used as a kind of cylinder, in a linear movement. One of the most car engine like developments is the drive-belt transmission of power. This includes 13 notched belts with a gauge measuring 0.5 x 0.45mm. The movement has 2.2mm diameter bearings with 0.25mm balls that rotate inside, instead of synthetic rubies often used for reduced friction. It also includes four barrels that serve as energy generators and feature transparent sapphire bridges. Each single barrel produces energy of 375 grams which results in a total output of 1.5 kilos.

These design of TAG Heuer Monaco V4 puts up a big and exciting look! Great timepiece!

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