For the Man Who Has Everything

Now that the holiday season is upon us and crunch time for shopping is fast approaching means you are stressing about finding gifts for those who have left you stumped. For instance, what do you get the man that seems to have everything? Ties with a funny design are out of the question. If they place heavy emphasis on style than clothing and accessories are your best bet. Here is out gift guide that will provide you with inspiration this holiday season.

Shopping Guide for the Stylish Man

Whether they already own one timepiece or a few, every guy will appreciate a beautiful piece to sport on their wrist. Do not settle for brands you can find at any store and opt for brands like Audemars, Cartier, or Rolex. These are not your average watches but hand-crafted timepieces that demand attention. For the man who is on-the-go with items to carry, consider a messenger bag. A fine leather satchel will allow a man to carry files, laptop, and various other items while sporting a bag that will complement their outfit. Shoes should never be forgotten. If they are athletic, look into a pair of running shoes or limited-edition sneakers for those sneaker-heads. Loafers or a pair of well-made dress shoes for everyday wear are also appreciated. Just be sure to find the right size. The moneymaker has to keep their cash somewhere, why not a new wallet that is monogrammed with their initials. Or for other accessories, think a bit smaller but stylish just the same. Such as a sterling silver money clip, cufflinks, or tie pin. It is in the little details when it comes to turning an outfit into an ensemble. Purchase a matching set or customize a piece with their initials monogrammed onto the cufflinks or money clip.

Audemar Watches

If you are looking for a last-minute gift idea but do not want to have it scream of a last-minute purchase, then refer to Finest Watches. We have the luxury watches you need to gift the stylish man in your life. To view our selection, peruse our site. Happy shopping and happy holidays!

Five Reasons to Purchase a Fine Watch

in New Releases | Monday, February 16. 2015

Purchasing a Timepiece

Surely, everyone knows the value of having a watch. It is a convenient way to be able to tell the time whenever you need to. In a world where time is money, this is an essential device to possess. Some people may buy the first watch they come upon, or just any watch. While this may do the job, perhaps you should consider some reasons to buy a nice, quality watch.

How You are Portrayed

People tend to judge you based on your visual indicators. They are important because more often than not people form conclusions about you before you say a word.  A nice watch can give off the impression that you are smart, tasteful, classy, and successful. This can also help you to be taken seriously when on career related business and even in social situations. ‘


While getting any old watch can be useful, it says little about you. It’s important that your style expresses who you are as an individual. Your clothes and your accessories communicate to people your tastes and values. Buying a nice watch that fits your personality can help you to express your own uniqueness.

To Be Noticed

Whenever you are having a conversation with someone, you might notice that a lot of hand gestures are used by all the parties within the conversation. These gestures draw the attention of the other people in the conversation straight to the hands. Connected to the hands, are the wrists, and one of those wrists can have a nice watch. This will definitely have all eyes on you and your watch.

Eye Candy

Everybody loves to be surrounded by beauty. People find their spouses by first being attracted to that person physically. People also have gardens to make their yards look beautiful, and decorate their houses for Christmas and Halloween. This is why we buy nice clothes, because we want to be a part of all the beauty that surrounds us. A nice watch serves as serious eye candy. They are fashionable, sleek, and classy, and they can dress up any outfit you have.

Family Heirloom

Timepieces not only act as accessories, but make great heirlooms. Though you may not be thinking of such a time when someone will need a possession to remember you by, it is a good idea to consider. People can certainly live on through the memories of those who knew them. Passing on a timepiece you love allows the people you love to think of you when they use it.

While you can buy any watch you want, we all value nice things. You can buy a nice watch to add to your closet from Finest Watches.


Tips for Purchasing a Women’s Watch

in New Releases | Friday, January 16. 2015

Finding the Right Women’s Watch

Gift shopping commonly proves to be a challenge. For ladies, watches are always a good idea. However, selecting the exact watch may be difficult. It helps if you know a few things about the recipient, but here are some more tips that can come in handy.

Matching Style to Setting

A watch should be able to match the wearer’s lifestyle. For example, if she tends to be active and outdoorsy, a sport watch would be best. Sport watches have rubber bands, digital interface, timer, stopwatch, GPS, and are good for running, hiking, and other sports. Casual watches usually have large faces, are without jewels, and the band is leather or metal. Dress and fashion watches have gemstones, but can have metal or fine leather bands, while fashion watches have their faces integrated into a bracelet rather than a band.

Match Physical Features and Wardrobe

While sport watches rely more on functionality, casual, dress, and fashion watches rely more on appearance. They should look good on the wearer, so matching them with her features and wardrobe are important. White watches are more suited for fair skinned women who tend to wear lighter clothes, while black watches complement darker colors and bolder physical features. Neutral tones, such as silver, go well with a variety of colors and physical features, and are subtler than black or white.


How proportionate a watch is to a woman also influences how it looks on her. Taller women should receive watches with larger face and wider bands, while smaller watches and thinner band complement petite women.

Interchangeable Bands

If you are looking for a watch with more versatility, you should consider a model that has interchangeable bands. Many watches have faces that fit different kinds of bands for different occasions. For instance, a leather band can make a watch look more casual, but a metal band gives it a dressier look. If you are torn between buying a casual or dress watch, interchangeable bands can be ideal so that she can wear her watch in different settings.

Consider Wrist Circumference

It may be difficult to get the exact size of a woman’s wrist if the watch is meant to be a gift. Therefore, opting for a leather or rubber wristbands is better than choosing metal because they possess a series of holes that can make it longer or shorter. Metal bands do not have this, and in order to make it smaller, a jeweler will have to remove a link or two. Though this is relatively inexpensive, buying and installing extra links often adds up.
Buying a watch for that special lady in your life is always a good idea. If you are looking to purchase a women’s watch, take a look at the watches offered by

Things to Consider When Buying a Watch

in New Releases | Monday, December 15. 2014

Things to Consider When Buying a Watch

Purchasing a Time Piece

Buying a new watch can be a thrilling process, especially if you love accessorizing. With so many different choices in styles, choosing the right watch may prove to be difficult. On the other hand, you may have already seen the watch you think is best for you. Whether you have a hard time picking, or are tempted to buy the best looking watch in the first store you encounter, considering these factors may prove to be useful.

Have a Budget

Watches can range from $10 to $1,000,000. Knowing how much you are willing to spend can help you decide on a watch. It is also important to remember that although expensive watches are beautiful, not every beautiful watch is expensive.

The Movement

The movement of a watch refers to the design of the watch’s inner working, or how time is kept with the device. Common movements include digital, automatic, quartz, kinetic, or hand wound. Hand wound is the least common as it requires constant maintenance. Digital are electronic and often don’t have moving parts. Quartz is second to digital in accuracy. Though automatic and kinetic tend to be inaccurate, a higher quality moment will allow for a more accurate watch.

Type of Display

There are two types of displays. The first and most common are called analog watches. This means that it has moving hands to show you the time. The second type is digital watches. These types of watches show the time using numbers displayed on a screen rather than hands. This type is powered by an electronic chip inside the timepiece. 

The Crystals

The material covering the face of the watch is called the crystal. They are made from a variety of materials depending on the brand and style of watch. For example, many digital watches have plastic based crystals and many analog ones have mineral glass-based crystals. All materials used have varying degrees of hardness and some are more scratch resistant than others.


When buying a watch, you will notice they come in many different materials. Pieces are commonly made form stainless steel, gold, titanium or silver. Though a watch may be advertised as valuable due to its material, the real value of a watch lies within the quality of movement. Therefore, do not let the material of the watch be the leading factor in your decision to buy it.


Do not rely much on the band of a watch when thinking of buying it, as this is the most easily changed feature. Also, the band has little to do with the value of the watch, just like the material it is made from. If you plan to use the watch in all sort of scenarios, including wet conditions, a metal or synthetic material is a better choice because leather or micro fiber bands do not respond well to water.
These few factors are important when choosing the best watch for you, or even as a gift to others. If you are looking for purchase quality watches, then you should check the variety of watches offer by Finest Watches.

Tip for Choosing the Right Timepiece

in New Releases | Wednesday, November 26. 2014

Choosing Watches for Men

A watch is a wonderful gift to get for any special man in your life. Your boyfriend, husband, father, and even grandfather will certainly appreciate a nice wristwatch. After all, a man’s watch says a lot about him. Here are a few tips to help you find the right one.

Price Limit

Before setting out to search for a watch, you should know what your budget is, and what falls under that budget. Least costly watches are about $60 to $200. These include watches with plastic and resin composites or fashion and sport watches. More costly ones are around $300 to $700. These would include stainless steel, leather, titanium and carbon fiber. The most costly ones are $1000 or more and are formal and designers watches. They are also mechanical watches and utilize precious metals for certain features, such as gold-plated or a platinum piece.


Each style of watch comes along with a set of basic rules. Dress or classic watches should be made of gold material, have a plain thin case, and thick markings and hands with lots of tritium. Designer watches should be designed by someone with a world-wide reputation. These watches may sometimes look unusual. Lastly, sports watches are usually large, have bezels with prominent markings, are water resistant to some degree, and generally have thick, luminous hands and markings.


Before purchasing, you should learn some facts about the watch manufacturer’s reputation. You can do your own research by going online or asking friends or relatives who already own the specific brand you are interested in.

Places to Buy

The most prestigious watch brands are available only in authorized retailers. You can use an internet watch catalogue to choose watches you would like to buy. You can also go to the retailer’s official shop for details and the prices of a watch.

Right Size

The size of a watch has a lot to do with your body structure. If you have a larger structure, you may want to choose watches with large faces. If you have a smaller structure, beware of how larger watches might look on your wrist.

Water Resistance

A watch that is 100 meters deep water resistant will save your watches if they are worn during a workout or if you are caught in a rainstorm.

Life Expectancy

Stainless steel will last longer than leather. The life of mechanical watches can be almost infinite.

Any man in your life will be grateful for the gift of a watch, especially when so much thought is put into buying the right one. Purchase a watch from Finest Watches to show him just how special his is to you.

Bring Out Your Best

in New Releases | Tuesday, October 21. 2014

What’s the right male accessory?
For females, accessories are endless as it is countless, but as a gentleman what do you really have or class as accessory? Some men may say nothing makes a statement like your cellphone, which has now been categorized as a necessity. However, no other accessory speaks more volumes than a man’s wristwatch.

What is my wrist-watch saying about me?
The finishing touch on any man goes beyond those individual items such as a nice shoe and tie that help people draw conclusions about who you are. It is the only item that a man keeps with him always, as well as it is an instant identifier of a man’s position in life. Every other item is easily replaced and destructible but a good watch is eternal.

We can help you make that statement!
Make the right impression, be noticed and be unique. Spend on something that will last you a lifetime and will always have you being remembered as the guy with impeccable taste for the finer things.  At Finest Watches, let us help you to make that social statement you always wanted to make. Call us today at 1-888-313-8463 or visit us online today!

Bell & Ross Watches - BR 01 Tourbillon Carbon

46mm virtually unscratchable anallergic titanium with DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) case, carbon fiber dial, manual winding tourbillon movement with with regulator, power reserve indicator, and trust index, approximately 120 hours of power reserve, black rubber strap with black titanium DLC finish pin buckle. Water resistant to 100 meters. Clik on the link to purchase this watch. link text

Patek Philippe offers a greater range of minute repeater wristwatches in a broader palette of colors than all other watchmakers combined. It’s no wonder why knowledgeable enthusiasts with an affection for Patek Philippe’s creations keep coming back for more.

This year’s arrival brings together three major complications. Presented simply as a triple complication, the Ref. 5208P, launched at Baselworld 2011. Self-winding Grand Complication wristwatch with minute repeater, monopusher chronograph, instantaneous perpetual calendar with apertures, and moon phase.

The new Patek Philippe Triple Complication Ref. 5208P is yet another accomplishment that underscores the leadership of the Geneva-based workshops in the complicated watch segment. With a minute repeater, monopusher chronograph, and instantaneous perpetual calendar, it presents the most challenging degrees of difficulty with peerless perfection.

It is Patek Philippe's second Triple Complication within a short period of time. In 2008, the first was the Ref. 5207 with a minute repeater, instantaneous perpetual calendar with aperture displays, and tourbillon; in 2011, the second is the Ref. 5208P with a chronograph, minute repeater, and instantaneous calendar with aperture displays. Eagerly awaited by collectors and fans of complicated watches, it is the manufacture’s first Triple Complication with a chronograph.

Moreover, the new Ref. 5208P is one of the very few existing highly complicated watches with a self-winding movement. Finally, it is the first true Grand Complication that integrates silicon-derived Silinvar® components: the revolutionary Pulsomax® escapement and the Spiromax® balance spring. As such, it is an impressive example of how tradition and innovation interact under one roof at Patek Philippe.

In the current collection of Patek Philippe’s Grand Complication wristwatches, the Ref. 5208P ranks second, directly behind the Sky Moon Tourbillon, and before the Ref. 5207 (minute repeater, tourbillon, perpetual calendar with aperture displays) and the Ref. 5216 (minute repeater, tourbillon, perpetual calendar with retrograde date).

Movement Caliber R CH 27 PS QI
Self-winding mechanical movement, minute repeater and subsidiary seconds. Monopusher chronograph with column wheel, chronograph hand, 60-minute and 12-hour counters. Instantaneous perpetual calendar. Day, date, month, and leap-year cycle in apertures, day/night indicator, moon phases.
Overall diameter: 32 mm (repeater and chronograph 28 mm; instantaneous perpetual calendar 32 mm)
Height: 10.35 mm
Number of parts: 701
Basic movement with minute repeater: 331
Chronograph mechanism: 160
Instantaneous perpetual calendar: 210
Number of jewels: 58
Power reserve: Max. 48 hours
Balance: Gyromax®
Semi-oscillations per hour: 21,600 (3 Hz)
Balance spring: Spiromax®
Escapement: Pulsomax® (lever and escape wheel in Silinvar®)
Balance spring stud: Adjustable
Functions: Two-position crown at 3 o’clock
– Pulled out: To set the time
– Pushed in: To wind the watch
Pusher: Three-phase chronograph monopusher at 2 o’clock: Start, stop, reset
Hallmark: Patek Philippe Seal
Displays: Hours and minutes from the center
Sweep chronograph hand
Subdials at:
– 60-minute counter between 3 and 4 o'clock
– 12-hour counter between 8 and 9 o'clock
– Subsidiary seconds at 6 o'clock
Day between 10 and 11 o'clock in a polished white-gold frame
Date at 12 o'clock in a polished white-gold frame
Month between 1 and 2 o'clock in a polished white-gold frame
Moon phase at 6 o’clock
Day/night indication between 7 and 8 o'clock
Leap year cycle between 4 and 5 o'clock
Corrector push pieces: – Day corrector between 11 and 12 o'clock
– Month corrector between 12 and 1 o'clock
– Moon-phase corrector between 5 and 6 o'clock
– Date corrector between 6 and 7 o'clock
Delivered with correction stylus in ebony and 18K white gold
Slide Minute repeater with strike on low-pitched gong for hours, high/low for quarter-hours, and high for minutes.

Case: 950 platinum with pieced lugs, platinum back, and interchangeable display back with sapphire-crystal window. Diamond of approx. 0.02 ct.
between the lugs at 6 o'clock
Dimensions: Diameter 44 mm
Height: 15.70 mm
Width between lugs: 22 mm
Slide: In 950 platinum on the left side of the case to activate the minute repeater
Dial: 18K gold, sunburst charcoal
11 applied "obus" hour markers in 18K white gold
Dauphine hands in 18K white gold for hours and minutes
Baton-style counterbalanced chronograph hands, 18K white gold, white lacquered
Baton-style hands for subsidiary seconds as well as 12-hour and 60-minute counters, 18K white gold, white lacquered
Railway track scale on dial periphery
18K white-gold frame for date aperture, hammered and diamondpolished 18K white-gold frames for day and month apertures, hammered and polished
Strap: Alligator leather with square scales, hand-stitched, shiny chocolate brown, platinum foldover clasp

After 18 months of research and testing Hublot has unveiled the first diver’s watch built to withstand the pressure at a depth of 4,000 meters. The watch was designed and constructed in association with the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, a first for the museum. On June 6 the Hublot Oceanographic 4000 was unveiled in the main aquarium in Monaco, with both HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Hublot in attendance. The partnership will kick off at the “DEEP SEA Conference” on October 13 of this year at the Oceanographic Institute of Paris, where Hublot will be the main partner.

The large “King Power” case measures 48 millimeters in diameter and is available in both a micorblasted satin-finished titanium and matte carbon fiber. The titanium version is limited to 1000 pieces, while the carbon fiber is limited to just 500 pieces. The dial is protected with a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment, while the case-back is made from microblasted satin-finished titanium or microblasted satin-finished titanium with black PVD. The watch has been certified to 400 ATM or 4,000 meters an tested to 5,000 meters according to the NIHS standards.

The reference numbers 731.NX.1190.RX and 731.QX.1140.RX are powerd by the HUB1401 mechanical movement with automatic winding. Made up of 180 parts and 23 jewels the movement allows for a 42 hour power reserve. The watch is completed with a either a black rubber or rubber and nylon strap with tongue and buckle closing system in titanium or black DVD titanium. The titanium version has a retail price of $19,900 and the carbon fiber version is $25,900.

A new limited edition boutique timepiece is on the horizon for IWC, the Big Pilot Perpetual Calendar in Orange. One year since the brand introduced their first IWC Big Pilot Perpetual Calendar watch, created for the Swiss-based Bucherer network of luxury boutiques, they are doing it again - but this time with a bit of orange thrown in the mix. The previous limited edition had only 100 pieces created, 70 in stainless steel and 30 in gold. The new "orange" edition will be produced in a slightly larger run of 250 and (its believed) only in stainless steel.

The Big Pilot Orange Perpetual Calendar has a 46 millimeter round stainless steel case and a stainless steel bezel. The timepiece is powered by movement Caliber 51613 with an automatic Pellaton winding system, 62 jewels, and beats at 21,600 vph. The movement allows for a power reserve of 168 hours or 7 days, shown by an indicator at the 3 o'clock position. Along with hours, minutes and seconds the watch displays day, date, day of week, month, four digit year and moon phase. The black dial is accented by large orange and small white markers. The case is secured to the wearers wrist by a black alligator strap with complimentary orange stitching.

The Jules Audemars collection pays tribute to one of the founders of Audemars Piguet, Jules Audemars. The collections simplicity and elegance are well represented in the newest 2011 edition to the line, the Jules Audemars Moon-Phase Calendar watch reference # 26385OR.OO.A088CR.01. This new timepiece has an elegant 39 millimeter x 8.8 millimeter thick round case crafted from 18 carat pink gold with a smooth polished bezel. The silver-toned dial is decorated with applied pink gold hour-markers and pink gold hour and minute hands. Pink gold hands also indicate the day sub-dial located at the 3 o'clock position and the day of-the-week sub-dial at 9 o'clock. The beautiful moon-phase window is located above the 6 o'clock.

The Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Moon-Phase Calendar timepiece is powered by the self-winding caliber 2324/2825 movement. The movement measures 26.60 millimeters (11_ lignes) in diameter, with a casing diameter of 26 millimeter by 4.60 millimeter thick. The movement contains 45 jewels and 215 parts and boasts a power reserve of up to 40 hours. All parts are finished and decorated by hand, the main-plate is beveled and circular-grained and the bridges are adorned with Côtes de Genève motif.

The watch is secured to the wearers wrist by a hand-sewn brown crocodile leather with large square scales and a pin buckle crafted in 18 carat pink gold.

Cartier has introduced a new flying tourbillon watch, the Cartier Tourbillon and Crocodile Watch. The timepiece is a truly unique design that features a stunning crocodile sculpted from 18 carat white gold and decorated with diamonds, the crocodile also has emerald eyes. The decorated reptile wraps its self around the top half of the dial and guards the movement. The bottom half of the dial is decorated with two water lilies in translucent red and white enamel. The watch features a round 44.5 millimeter case crafted from rhodium-plated 18 carat white gold. The crown is also crafted from circular-grained pattern rhodium-plated 18 carat white gold and is set with a diamond.

The Crocodile Watch is powered by the unique in-house flying tourbillon movement caliber 9458 MC which is imprinted with the Geneva Seal. The mechanical manual-winding movement features 167 parts which including 19 jewels. The movement beats at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations/hour, and has a power reserve of up to 50-hours. The C-shaped carriage of the flying tourbillon is also used for indicating the seconds. The intricate movement took the master watchmakers more than 50 hours to complete.

The superb case construction allows for a 30 meter water-resistance. The timepiece is completed with a black brushed canvas strap with an ardillon buckle in the white gold and is also decorated with diamonds. The Cartier Tourbillon and Crocodile Geneva Seal watch, caliber 9458 MC is a limited edition watch of 50 just pieces.

Omega Relaunches the Ladymatic

in New Releases | Sunday, November 7. 2010

Luxury timepiece maker Omega has recently re-introduced its Ladymatic collection of watches. The line was originally launched back in 1955 as part of the brands De Ville collection. The Ladymatic was one of Omega's first self-winding watches that was designed especially for women, and it featured the smallest automatic movement the brand had ever made. The launch celebration was held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Beijing and was attending by the Oscar-winning actress and brand ambassador, Nicole Kidman.

The Omega De Ville Ladymatic timepiece has a round 34 millimeter wave pattern case crafted in 18 carat red gold, yellow gold or stainless steel with a polished or a snow-set diamond-studded bezel. The polished screw-in crown is encrusted with an Omega Cut diamond or a polished Omega logo on the non-diamond version. The case-back is polished and fitted with a see-through case-back crafted from sapphire crystal, displaying the stunning movement. The dial is available in extra-white mother-of-pearl or lacquered black, each with a Supernova pattern. The dial features either 11 diamond indexes facetted in 18 carat gold mounts or a version with no hour-markers.

The timepiece is powered by the brands calibre 8520/8521 movement which incorporates a Co-Axial escapement. This caliber features the company’s exclusive Si 14 silicon balance spring which increases the level of its resistance to external shocks and environmental disturbances. The movement powers 4 functions, hours, minutes, seconds, and date. The hours, minutes and seconds are indicated by polished alpha-shaped hands treated with Super-LumiNova for heightened readability. The date indication is located in an exhibition window at 3 o’clock. An impressive 27 variations will be available.

Franc Vila has announced their official sponsorship of young Mexican F1 diver, Sergio Perez, and has released the Franc Vila FVa8Ch Bicentenario Sergio Perez watch to mark the new partnership. This new watch will be giving the official timepiece maker of the compatition, Hublot, some steep compition at the next F1 event. The watch is also a celebration of the 200 year anniversary of Mexican independence, this can be seen in the watches design which incorporates the colors from the Mexican flag into the design. The watch is a limited edition of just 28 pieces.

The new Franc Vila watch is powered by the automatic manually-finished movement, Caliber FV8Ch. The complicated movement functions include hours, minutes and seconds as well chronograph functions and a "big date" calendar presented in a double window below 12 o'clock. The chronograph minutes can be found at 6 o’clock, chronograph hours at 9 o’clock, and small seconds at 3 o’clock. The FVa8Ch Bicentenario Sergio Perez allows for a power-reserve of up to 42 hours.

The case is crafted from stainless steel and features the “Esprit Unique” shape with an elliptic bezel. The dial and case-back are protected with a sapphire crystal treated with a double anti-glare treatment. The dial is made from white kevlar and hs a guilloche pattern. The Franc Vila FVa8Ch Bicentenario Sergio Perez watch is completed with a black or white crocodile leather strap with red and green stitching and a steel deployant buckle. The watch has a 100-meter water-resistance.

Harry Winston Opus 10

in New Releases | Sunday, September 19. 2010

Harry Winston launched The Opus Series in 2001 each year since they have partnered with the industry’s best watch makers to create a new Opus that is both groundbreaking and beautiful. This year Harry Winston has partnered with watch engineer Jean-François Mojon and the collaboration brought about the OPUS 10. A timepiece inspired by planetary movements and the space-time continuum the watch uses shapes and the dimensionality of time through the synchronous rotation of circular motions.

The Opus 10 strays from tradition with its innovative system of rotating indicators mounted on a revolving frame. The revolving frame rotates in one direction while the dials of each indicator turn in the opposite direction, this ensures that the orientation remains constant in any position. The hand-wound mechanical movement includes indicators for hours, minutes, seconds, and secondary time-zone, all set on the individual satellite wheels which orbit around the central, solar wheel. The movement allows for a 72-hour power reserve.

The watch features a 46 millimeter case constructed from white gold and is designed without a bezel. The rounded sapphire crystal is attached directly to case. The case-back is marked with both Harry Winston's and watch engineer Jean-François Mojon's names. The reference 500/MMJFMWL.K is completed with a black alligator strap and an 18 carat white gold buckle. The Harry Winston Opus 10 is a limited edition of jut 100 pieces.

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