"Despite the questionable logic of slapping a motor onto a people-powered device and calling it a "hybrid," the M55 Hybrid Bike deserves a spot on your holiday wish list."

"The M55 Beast hybrid bike, so named because it is beastly, will get you around town at a 40mph clip and is powered by nothing more than your ferocious peddling and the souls of small children."

"No1.: M55 Terminus: Often compared as the Ferrari of electric bikes, the M55 is definitely the most amazing electric bike ever made to date."

"Each of the non-custom parts on this bike are of the finest quality and chosen by the crew from M55 to meet golden standards. Every time the sensor feels you need some extra torque, the bike packs and blasts you forward, multiplying your power and making you feel like a superhero."

We are  happy to announce The New M55 Riviera Hybrid Bike has arrived. Please call us for more information Ph (888) 313-8463. The M55 Riviera was designed to satisfy even the most demanding riders.
The M55 Terminus is now available for purchase please call us on Ph (888) 313-8463.
With this version of the Terminus, options are virtually endless.Nomen est omen- whatever our client requests, we will make it happen.